The AlgoFinance research project has led to the following publications: Journal articles
  • Borch, Christian (forthcoming) 'Financial Contagion in an Age of COVID-19: On Biological, Human, and Algorithmic Mimesis', CounterText.
  • Min, Bo Hee and Christian Borch (forthcoming) 'Systemic Failures and Organizational Risk Management in Algorithmic Trading: Normal Accidents and High Reliability in Financial Markets', Social Studies of Science.
  • Souleles, Dan (forthcoming) 'How to think about people who don’t want to be studied: Further reflections on studying up', Critique of Anthropology.
  • Hansen, Kristian Bondo and Christian Borch (2021) 'The absorption and multiplication of uncertainty in machine-learning-driven finance', British Journal of Sociology
  • Hansen, Kristian Bondo (2021) ‘Financial Contagion: Problems of proximity and connectivity in financial markets’, Journal of Cultural Economy,
  • Hansen, Kristian Bondo (2020) ‘Model Talk: Calculative Cultures in Quantitative Finance’, Science, Technology & Human Values
  • Hansen, Kristian Bondo (2020) ‘The Virtue of Simplicity: On machine learning models in algorithmic trading’, Big Data & Society 7(1)
  • Souleles, Dan (2020) ‘Trading Options and the Unattainable Dream: Some Reflections on Semiotic Ideologies’, Signs and Society 8(2), Spring: 243-261.
  • Souleles, Dan (2019) ‘The distribution of ignorance on financial markets’, Economy and Society 48(4): 510 – 531
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