7th Critical Finance Studies Conference

7th Critical Finance Studies conference at Copenhagen Business School 20–21 August 2015   Dear contributor to the 2015 Critical Finance Studies conference, We are pleased to have finalized the program and look forward to two exciting days next week. As an addition to our preliminary program announcement we are happy to have Prof. Richard Werner joining us as a second keynote speaker. The conference will take place from Thursday 20 August to Friday 21 August 2015 at Copenhagen Business School, at a new campus located at Stig Lommers Pl. 2, 2000 Frederiksberg, room FH-A, next to the Flintholm metro station. For maps etc. see below. There will be an informal pre-conference gathering at Bartof café Nordre Fasanvej 46, 2000 Frederiksberg on Wednesday 19 August, from 8 pm. For maps etc. see below. On Thursday evening (20 August) we will have an optional conference dinner at the restaurant Madklubben Vesterbro located at Vesterbrogade 62, 1620 Copenhagen V. For booking purposes, please let us know by Thursday 13 August at noon if you wish to join the dinner (est. price w. wine around EUR 50; each person is to pay for his/her meal and wine/drinks). Further, please let us know if you eat vegetarian or have any food allergies or any other dietary sensitivities (regarding both the dinner and the lunches) before Monday 17 August at noon. There is 15 minutes allocated to each presentation in the ordinary sessions. We kindly ask all speakers to adhere strictly to this time limit, which we will be enforcing in order to leave time to all papers and to discussions. The audio-visual capacity of the venue includes projector and sound and whiteboard. You can choose to bring a PP/Prezi on memory stick, own computer (PC and Mac adaptors available) or download presentation or show video on the stationary computer. Please make sure to upload your presentation prior to your session. We look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen next week! All best, Ole Bjerg, Christian Borch, Ann-Christina Lange, and Tobias Brask   Program    Day 1: Thursday 20 August 8:30–9:00: Registration and coffee (Room FH-A)   9:00–9:15: Welcome and Opening remarks – Ole Bjerg   9:15–10:45: Marxism Today (Chair: Christian Borch) Noam Yuran (Tel Aviv University): Prostitution and Finance: On the Libidinal Economy of Capitalism Ivan Ascher (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee): The Fetishism of Securities: Capital in the Age of Prediction Martijn Konings (University of Sydney): The Spirit of Austerity: Economy, Affect and Neoliberalism   10:45–11:00: Coffee Break   11:00–12:30: Keynote speech (Presented by Christian Borch) (Room FH-A) Joseph Vogl (Humboldt-University Berlin): The Strange Survival of Theodicy in Economy   12:30–13:30: Lunch   13:30–15:00: Parallel sessions Session on Finance in Popular Culture (Chair: Ann-Christina) (Room FH-C1) Amin Samman (City University London): What’s in a name? Diagrammatic personae in contemporary financial film Franziska Burstyn and Isabella Karlsson (University of Siegen): Now I Will Believe That There are Unicorns: The Whimsical yet Profitable World of Unicornomics Christopher Holmes Smith (University of Southern California): Mad Prophets of the Meltdown: Market Failure, Media Ritual and Gendered Accounts of Public Crisis   Session on Ethics and Regulation (Chair: Christian Borch) (Room FH-C2) Sine N. Just and Sara Dahlman (Copenhagen Business School and Roskilde University): Sex, drugs, and social banking – The scandal that brought the Co-op Bank to its knees and questioned the viability of ethical alternatives to economic rationality Dan Starkman (Georgetown University & Universidad Nacional de San Martín): Mechanisms of Influence in Business-State Relations and the Troubled Assets Relief Program 15:00–16:30: Session on Debt (Chair: Ann-Christina) Stefan Schwarzkopf (Copenhagen Business School): The Profane Eschatology of the New York Commodities Exchange: Post-Benjaminian Thoughts on Finance and the Sacredness of the Person Ib Ravn (Aarhus University): Banks don’t lend money, they create it: Deobfuscating monetary and banking terminology Tim Christiaens (University of Leuven): Debt and the State of Exception: Agamben and Lazzarato on bare life   16:30–17:00: Coffee Break   17:00–18:30: Panel Session: Addiction, Finance and Gambling (Chair: Christian Borch) (Room FH-A) Joyce Goggin (University of Amsterdam): Gaming, Affect, Narrative Natalie Roxburgh (University of Oldenburg): Fictional Drugs and the Science of Addiction in Contemporary Novels Ole Bjerg (Copenhagen Business School): Debt Drive and Compulsive Money Creation   18:30: End of Day 1   20:00: Dinner at Madklubben Vesterbro, Vesterbrogade 62, 1620 Copenhagen V . Day 2: Friday 21 August 9:00–10:30: Parallel sessions Session on Technology 1 (Chair: Ann-Christina) (Room FH-C1) Christian Borch (Copehagen Business School): Flash Crash, High-Frequency Trading, and Avalanche Modernity Ann-Christine Frandsen (Essex Business School) and Elton G. McGoun (Bucknell University): Pursuing “Price” Session on Personal Finance (Chair: Ole Bjerg) (Room FH-C2) Erik Caparros Højbjerg (Copenhagen Business School): Financial ‘personality’ and ‘embarrassed’ private ‘governance’ Geoffrey M. Lightfoot (University of Leicester): Minting Export-Quality Entrepreneurs Through Financial Education Claes Ohlsson (Gothenburg Research Institute): Financial education as ‘folk building’? The case of improving financial literacy in contemporary Sweden 10:30–11:00 Coffee Break   11:00–12:30: Keynote Speech (Presented by Ole Bjerg) (Room FH-A)
Richard Werner (University of Southampton): Considering finance and its role from an ethical perspective
12:30–13:30: Lunch 13:30–15:00: Parallel sessions Session on Technology 2 (Chair: Christian Borch) (Room FH-C1) Emily Rosamond (Goldsmiths, University of London): Economies of (Mis)Trust: Reputation as Capital in the Digital Age Ann-Christina Lange (Copenhagen Business School): The Black Box Inside-Out: An Ethnographic Study of Imitation in a High-Frequency Trading Firm Dorthe Thorning Mejlhede (Copenhagen Business School): Framing Innovation From a Design Perspective in an Financial Session on Geo-Economics (Chair: Ole Bjerg) (Room FH-C2) Ishani Chandrasekara (Queen Mary University of London): Impact of austerity measures on NGOs working with community-based organisations in Sri Lanka Abdulmajeed Alharbi (Royal Comission at Yanbu): Smart Finance – Smart City (Yanbu Smart Industrial City) Amee Kim (Canterbury Christ Church University): Korean narratives of self-identity during times of rapid social and economic change: Yin and Yang and the financial crisis 15:00–15:30: Coffee Break   15:30–17:00: Parallel sessions Session on Ontology (Chair: Ole Bjerg) (Room FH-C1) Timo Walter (Copenhagen Business School): How to make an autopoietic system listen? An inquiry into the limits and posibilities for an ‘ontological politics’ of contemporary finance Andreas Andrikopoulos (University of Aegean): A critical realist approach to the economic crisis in Greece Session on Aesthetics and Critique (Chair: Christian Borch) (Room FH-C2) Christian De Cock (University of Essex): The possibility of critique under a financialized capitalism: The case of private equity in the United Kingdom Christian Klöckner (Bonn University): Nostalgic Bonds and the Aesthetics of Finance Skip G. McGoun (Bucknell University): Cheap Chic: A Reassessment of American Bank Architecture 17:00: Concluding remarks and end of conference (Concluded by Ann-Christina Lange) (Room FH-A)

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