The ITEPE Team

Poul F. Kjaer

Professor (mso), PhD. – Principal Investigator Department of Business and Politics Porcelænshaven 1, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark Office: PH-H2.05 Telephone: +45 38 15 42 81. Mobile: + 45 53 44 67 78 E-mail: Background Before taking up my current position I researched and studied in sociology, law and political science in Frankfurt, Paris, Bremen, London, Florence, Berlin, Bielefeld and Aarhus. Research Interests My research is centred on the triangle between politics, law and economy and in particular on the kind of mechanisms and institutions which have emerged in order to stabilise exchanges between these spheres of society over time. Current Projects My first major project explored such issues in relation to the European Union and its “turn to governance”. My second major project dealt with the role of constitutional frameworks at the national as well as the global level in the stabilisation of such relations. My current project, the ITEPE project, follows in this footstep by exploring the role and evolution of intermediary institutions, most notably corporatist, neo-corporatist and governance institutions, in the European context.

Eva Hartmann

Assistant Professor Department of Business and Politics Copenhagen Business School Porcelænshaven 1, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark Office : PH-H2.06 Telephone : +45 3815 4461 E-mail: Background Prior to joining the CBS, I researched and taught at the universities of Basel, Frankfurt/M., Hertfordshire, Kassel, and Lausanne, as well as at the Graduate Institute in Geneva and King’s College London. Research Interests My research interrelates International Relations, International Political Economy and European Studies with a view to furthering a sociological turn. It also blurs the distinction between International Studies and European Studies by focusing on the interaction between the international and the European level. The overall aim is to get a better idea of the transnationalisation of society through the interplay between economic, political and social processes and the different scales involved. My most recent studies have examined this interplay in policy areas which are particularly relevant for social integration and mobility, such as the internationalisation of the labour market, social policy as well as higher education. Current Projects My current research examines the role of multinational companies in internationalising and Europeanising vocational education and training (VET). Particular attention is paid to the pharmaceutical sector. The project blends an international approach with a comparative perspective based on country studies with a view to exploring the interaction between firms of a highly internationalised sector and the national VET system in selected countries. Taking a multiscalar perspective, the project also examines the influence of European and international standard-settings on this interaction and the extent to which this transformation of VET challenges existing regulations in this policy field.

Dzmitry Bartalevich

Ph.D. fellow, MSc Department of Business and Politics, Copenhagen Business School, Porcelænshaven 1, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark, Office: PH1/2.17 Telephone: +45 38 15 42 95 E-mail: Background I studied or carried out research at the University of Aarhus, the University of Hamburg, the University of Oslo, and the University of Twente. Research Interests My research interests include European competition policy, European economic policy, antitrust law and economics, Chicago economic theory, soft modes of governance, European political economy, and European regulatory governance. Current Project I joined the Department of Business and Politics, Copenhagen Business School, as a Ph.D. fellow in September 2013. I am part of the ITEPE project. My Ph.D. project investigates the institutional transformation in European competition policy in the context of a broader transformation from neo-corporatism to governance in Europe, with a closer focus on the pharmaceutical industry

Tim Celik

PhD Fellow, MSc Department of Business and Politics, Copenhagen Business School Porcelænshaven 24, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark Office: POR/24-1.77 Telephone: +45 3815 4296 E-mail: Background I have a bachelor’s degree in International Business and Politics from the Copenhagen Business School and a MSc. (research) in Social Sciences from the University of Amsterdam.  Research Interests My interests include political and democratic legitimacy, governance and state governability, economic crises and contradictions, fiscal policy.  Current Project I joined the Department of Business and Politics, CBS, as a PhD fellow in 2013. My PhD investigates whether and to what extent the perceived ‘turn to governance’ can be understood as the latest government-sanctioned attempt to temporarily bridge the tension between maximizing fiscal accumulation and political legitimacy in Western European democratic capitalist polities.

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