Institutional Transformation in European Political Economy: Corporatism, Neo-Corporatism and Governance Reconsidered

Private-public relations have undergone drastic transformations in recent decades. In the European context, one of the most crucial changes is that neo-corporatist institutional setups, which traditionally have stabilised the triangular relations between the state, employers and employees, have come under pressure and increasingly lost their centrality. At the same time new types of governance frameworks have emerged which partly substitutes and partly complement neo-corporatist institutions. This conference, funded by the European Research Council project “Institutional Transformation in European Political Economy” (ITEPE), will shed new light on this development in several ways: It will introduce different theoretical approaches seeking to explain the still ongoing transformation processes; develop a framework for understanding how the economic, political and legal dimensions of intermediary institutions, such as (neo-)corporatist and governance institutions, play together; and present a range of empirically cases concerning how these transformations unfold in practise within areas such as competition policy, corporate governance and social regulation. For more information see the section Conferences & Workshops.

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