The Institutional Transformation in European Political Economy

Kilen, Kilevej 14 2000 Frederiksberg (Room K146) 19- 20 June 2014 In their seminal book on EU competition law, Michelle Cini and Lee McGowan identify competition policy as ‘the most important organizing principle in the capitalist world’ (Cini and McGowan, 1998: 2). Along the same lines Stephan Wilks, another EU competition expert, considers EU competition policy the key dimension of the ‘economic constitution’ (Wilks, 2009). However, members of this international expert community in competition law and policy hardly pay any attention to the societal implications of competition as an organising principle and how it is part of a wider re-organisation of the distinction between the economy and other segments of society. Furthermore, they provide little information about the power relations and exploitation organised through competition. The conference addresses this shortcoming. It intends to facilitate an interdisciplinary dialogue between legal scholars, sociologists and political scientists as well as between more empirically and more theoretically oriented research. Its overall aim is to set a new research agenda which strengthens a more critical and sociological understanding of the role of competition and comparison in transnationalising society in general and in the European integration process in particular. For registration contact Assistant Professor Eva Hartmann ( before Thursday,the 11th June 2014. For further details see Conferences and Workshops (in the menu to the left).

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