Teaching and Supervision

Teaching I currently teach 'Social Studies of Finance: From Financialization to Algorithmic Trading'. I have previously taught sociology of law, political sociology, sociological theory, etc., including the CBS courses 'Theories of contemporary society I', 'Theories of contemporary society II', and 'Politik, stat og kommunikation'. Supervision I have supervised BA and MA students in law, architecture, philosophy, sociology, and political science. I have supervised the following PhDs who successfully defended their dissertations: Valinka Ellen Melina Byrlov Suenson, Department of Architecture, Design, and Media Technology, Aalborg University. Dissertation title: Konstruktioner & Aktiviteter: En RFID undersøgelse af sociale aktiviteter i danske kulturhuse, defended 2012 (co-supervisor). Helene Ratner, Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, CBS. Dissertation title: Promises of Reflexivity: Managing and Researching Inclusive Schools, defended 2012.  Mette Mogensen, Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, CBS. Dissertation title: The Organization(s) of Well-being and Productivity: (Re)assembling work in the Danish Post, defended 2012. Rune Veerasawmy, School of Communication and Culture, Centre for Advanced Visualisation and Interaction, Aarhus University. Dissertation title: Designing interactive technology for crowd experiences: beyond sanitization, defended 2014 (co-supervisor). Frederik Bøhling, School of Business and Social Sciences, Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research, Aarhus University. Dissertation title: Desires of the night: An ethnography of urban alcohol and other drugs assemblages, defended 2015 (co-supervisor). Kristian Bondo Hansen, Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, CBS. Dissertation title: Crowds and Speculation: A study of crowd phenomena in the U.S. financial markets, 1890 to 1940, defended 2017. Thomas Presskorn-Thygesen, Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, CBS: Project title: The Significance of Normativity: Studies in Post-Kantian Philosophy and Social Theory, defended 2017 (co-supervisor). Christina Jerne, School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University. Dissertation title: Movements of rupture: Effectuating, assembling and desiring anti-mafia economies, defended 2017 (co-supervisor). Kia Wied, Danish School of Education, Aarhus University. Dissertation title: Skoleledelse som motivationsarbejde: En dobbelt bevægelsesfortælling om elevers og ledelses bevægelser i udskolingen fortalt gennem rytmeanalysens begreber, defended 2019 (co-supervisor). Renee Ridgway, Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, CBS. Dissertation title: Re:search: The Personalised Subject vs. the Anonymous User, defended 2021 (co-supervisor). Current PhD supervision: Pankaj Kumar, Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, CBS: Dissertation title: Deep Agent Based Models for Market Making.

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