Green Asia Conference: Climate Governance and Competitiveness of New Energy Industries in Asia

In order to capture the dynamics and impacts of new energy industries and new initiatives on climate governance in Asia, Asia Research Centre (ARC), Department of International Economics and Management (INT), is organizing an international conference at CBS on 14-15 May 2014. The conference has two major themes: climate governance and competitiveness of energy industries. The first theme, climate governance, focuses on the ways in which different Asian countries’ administratively and executively seek to tackle the climatic and environmental challenges they face at national, regional, international and local levels. The second theme, competitiveness of energy industries, looks at Asia’s emerging new energy companies’ competitive conditions and how they compete with Western companies within various alternative energy sectors. The conference then aims to contribute to new academic knowledge within climate governance and the competitiveness of new energy industries, but the conference also aims to be a forum for practical knowledge discussions that can benefit Danish and western companies engaged in Asia. The conference participants consist of researchers and practitioners from seven different countries all of which have specific expertise within either climate governance or new energy industries in Asia. Sponsors
The Green Asia Conference is supported by Asia Research Centre, Danish Society for Education and Business (DSEB) and Hedorfs Fond.

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